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826 Valencia supports under-resourced students ages six to eighteen with their creative writing skills, and it relies volunteers to make this possible. With the opening of a new writing center in the Tenderloin, 826 Valencia needs more volunteers and supporters than ever. Without this, the students stories could be lost forever.


So we’re sending out an SOS. 42 stories written by 826 Valencia students will be hidden around the city. The stories are half finished and can only be completed with the help of San Franciscans who find and ‘save’ them by entering the missing information online at the Save Our Stories website. The students will use the information provided to complete their stories.


The amazing Kyle and I worked together to concept, design and

build out each of the elements in this campaign with our own two hands.


AD/Design: Kyle Watson

Design/AD: Me

CDs: Alex Stainton, Jakub Szymanski



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