Seeds of Change- Save the Flavor/Endangered Eats

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Over the last century, 93% of our fruit and vegetable varieties have gone extinct. This doesn't seem to worry anyone, yet people care deeply about animal extinction.


So, we partnered with celebrity chef Hugh Acheson to host a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience called “Endangered Eats.” The tasting menu would featured 'endangered species.'


The stunt and other supporting campaign materials pushed people to our site, SaveTheFlavors. Where they would gain more information about the Cherokee Purple Tomato so they could
help save it.



CW: Nate Totten

AD: Alyssa Collis

Design/AD: Me

Animation: Royal



EFFIE: Small Budgets-Products- Bronze

SF ADDYs: Ambient Media - Single Event GOLD, Online/Interactive - Branded Content & Entertainment SILVER